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By continuing to browse the Website, Users’ agree to the installation of Cookies under the terms indicated in the Cookie Policy of the Website. This preference will be updated at each subsequent visit to the Website. Consent will be kept pending in case the User were to immediately leave the Website, without taking any action, or in case he were to click on the banner link, which refers to this Cookie Policy. Users’ given consent will be tracked through a Technical Cookie. 

General Information

Cookies are small data files that are generated on the User’s computer in order to allow the system to store data that is useful for his navigation since it customizes it. Cookies are placed on the User’s computer and are examined every time the User visits the website. Browsers offer the choice of preventing websites from saving and using Cookies. However, this could also prevent the complete or correct functioning of the services offered by the same websites. The Cookies that are used by this Website are standard and harmless. Collection of Cookies takes place mainly with the purpose of collecting data that is useful to make improvements to the Website and to draw up usage statistics. In addition to what is indicated in this document, Users can manage their Cookie preferences directly from their browser, and (for example) prevent third parties from installing them. Through the browser, it is also possible to delete past installed Cookies, including Cookies that this Website has saved the installation consent for. For more information, please refer to the instructions included in this statement and to the indications offered in the relative sections concerning the removal of Cookies of pertaining applications. With reference to Cookies installed by third parties, Users may manage their settings and revoke their consent by visiting the relative opt-out link (if available). They may access the tools that are described in the third party’s Privacy Policy or contact the third party directly. 


Data Controller: Metropolis DMC Legal Office: Paris – 11, Rue de Lille 75007. The Data Controller may be contacted at the following address: . 

Types of Cookies for Information Purposes. Following is a list of Cookies that this Website uses for the abovementioned purposes:

Technical Cookies (exempt from User’s prior consent): Session Management. These Cookies are required in order to facilitate access to the Website and navigation between pages, so as to simplify the use of specific services that are offered in the various sections of the Website. Usually, these Cookies last as long as the User’s browser is active and are deleted once it is shut down. However, there are certain Cookies that may require to last longer that the length of the Session. 

Performance Monitoring

Cookies are collected in order to control and analyze the use of the Website by part of the Users, through anonymous statistics like access numbers, the origin of the Website’s visitors, and the exact pages that are visited. This data is useful for the development and improvement of the Website and its services. 

Use of the Features

These Cookies allow Users to set and save the access preferences to the Website and its various services. For example, when Users log on to post comments or when they want to customize the settings or contents (like the language or geographical area). 

Non-Technical Cookies (requiring User consent)

 - First or Third party Ad Profiling Cookies – Retargeting Cookies – Social Network Cookies – Statistical Cookies managed entirely by Third parties - Behavioral Advertising

These Cookies allow us and third parties to anonymously identify what Users consider as popular, allowing them to view a more personalized and relevant selection of advertising while they surf the internet. These Cookies allow mapping out an overall picture (always in anonymous form) of individual User preferences based on how he surfs the web, in order to provide more relevant advertising. 

Analytical Tools that do not require User consent:

- Analytics Cookies that are installed directly on the User’s server or data center without interaction with third parties (for example, tools like Piwik); - Cookies managed by third parties but anonymous, namely Cookies in relation to which the third party cannot access the disaggregated analytics data at IP level from. 


In order to prevent illicit use of login credentials and to protect User data from unauthorized parties, we use Security Cookies to authenticate Users. 

Cookie Preference Management

Users may choose, at any time, which Cookies they prefer and which they would rather not receive by changing the settings of the browser in use (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.). For this operation, please refer to the “Help” section of the same browser. However, if Users decide to not accept certain Cookies, they may not be able to properly use all features of the Website. 

Following is a list of suppliers who are authorized to insert Cookies on our Website, with related Privacy Policies: - Google, Google Ads, Google Analytics - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - ELAN42 and its hosting service providers. 

Cookie Period Length

Cookies last as long as their expiration date consents them (or until a specific action takes place, like shutting down the browser). The expiration date is set at the time of installation. Cookies may be: 
• Temporary or Session Cookies: they save temporary information, connecting together performances done during a specific session, and are removed from the computer once the browser is shut down; 
• Permanent Persistent Cookies: they save information, like username and password, in order to prevent Users from having to type it in each time they visit a specific website. These Cookies remain saved onto the computer even after the browser is shut down. 

Cookie Management

In compliance with the UE 679/2016 (GDPR) Reg. directives, Users can change their consent to Cookies at any time directly from this link – Cookie Management. The Website will keep track of Users consents through a specific Technical Cookie, considered as a “not particularly invasive” tool by the Data Protection Authority. Users may deny consent and/or modify their options related to this Website’s use of Cookies at any time by accessing this Privacy Policy Statement, which is linkable from each page of this Website. Users may exercise the rights that are recognized by the UE 679/2016 Reg., and request and obtain copies, origin, updates, rectification, integration, cancellation, and transformation in anonymous form of processed data. Users may also request the purpose and modality of the data processing, and block processing in violation of the law and oppose it for legitimate reasons. 

For Procedures for the Exercise of User Rights, or for more information, please contact: Data Controller: Metropolis DMC Legal Office: Paris – 11, Rue de Lille 75007. The Data Controller may be contacted at the following address: .

If a User has already given consent but wants to change the Cookie authorizations, he must delete them through the browser (as indicated below) because otherwise the Cookies that have already been installed will not be removed. Specifically, please note that it is not possible, in any way, to control third-party Cookies. Therefore, if consent has already been given, it is necessary to delete the Cookies through the browser (relative section) or by directly asking to opt-out, either to the third party or via the website

For more information, please consult the following websites: 

How to disable/delete Cookies by configuring the browser. 


1.Run the Chrome browser 
2.Click on “Menu” on the browser toolbar, beside the URL bar 
3.Select “Settings” 
4.Click on “Advanced” at the bottom of page 
5.In the “Privacy” section, click on “Content Settings” 
6.In the “Cookie” section, it is possible to modify the following settings regarding Cookies: 
• Allow sites to save and read Cookie data 
• Keep local data only until you quit your browser 
• Block websites from installing Cookies 
• Block third-party Cookies and website data 
• Manage exceptions for certain websites 
• Delete one or all Cookies. For more information, please visit the specific page.  

Mozilla Firefox

1.Run the Mozilla Firefox browser
2. Click on “Menu” on the browser toolbar, beside the URL bar 
3.Select “Options” 
4.Select the “Privacy & Security” panel 
5.Click on “Show Advanced Settings” 
6.In the “Privacy” section, click on “Content Settings” 
7.In the “Tracking Protection” section it is possible to modify the following settings regarding Cookies: 
• Do Not Track 
• Inform websites of your availability to be tracked 
• No personal data tracking preference 
8.From the “History” section, it is possible to modify the following settings regarding Cookies: 
• Through “Custom Settings”, select “I accept” third party Cookies, and determine how long you wish them to be active (until their expiration, until Firefox is shut down, or “ask me every time”) 
• Remove each stored Cookie. For more information, please visit the specific page.  

Internet Explorer

1.Run the Internet Explorer browser 
2.Click on “Tools” and select “Internet Options” 
3.Click on “Privacy” and, in the “Settings” section, scroll in order to modify the desired action for Cookies: 
• Block all Cookies 
• Allow all Cookies 
• Select the websites from which Cookies can be obtained: move the cursor to a middle position so as to not block or allow all Cookies. Then press “Websites”, in the Website Address box, and then press “Block” or “Allow”. For more information, please visit the specific page. 

Safari 6

1.Run the Safari browser 
2.Click on “Safari”, select “Preferences” and click on “Privacy” 
3.In the “Block Cookie” section, specify how Safari should accept Cookies from websites. 
4.In order to view what websites have stored Cookies, click on “Details”. For more information, please visit the specific page.

Safari iOS (mobile devices)

1.Run the Safari iOS browser 
2.Click on “Settings” and them “Safari” 
3.Click on “Block Cookies” and then choose one of the options: “Never”, “By Third Parties or Advertising” or “Always” 
4.To delete all Cookies stored by Safari, click “Settings”, then “Safari” and finally “Delete Cookies and data”. For more information, please visit the specific page. Opera 
1.Run the Opera browser 
2.Click on “Preferences”, “Advanced”, and finally on “Cookies” 
3.Select one of the following options: 
• Accept all Cookies 
• Only accept Cookies from the website you are visiting: Cookies from third parties or from another domain will be rejected 
• Never accept Cookies: all Cookies will never be saved. For more information, please visit the specific page. 

Since the installation of Cookies and other tracking systems operated by third parties (through the services within this Application) cannot be technically controlled by the Data Controller, any specific reference to Cookies and tracking systems installed by third parties is to be considered indicative. For more information, Users are invited to consult the Privacy Policy of the third party services listed in this document. Given the objective complexity of the identification of technologies based on Cookies, Users are invited to contact the Data Controller if they wish to receive further information regarding the use of Cookies in this Application.

In order to offer the best online experience, new services that use Cookies may be added to the Website. The evolution of legislation regarding Cookies and Privacy will also be constantly monitored, and therefore this present statement could be affected by changes and updates. In order to post accurate information, these updates and modifications will be published on this page and/or other pages of the Website.

By closing the Session, Users declare that they have no longer anything to claim regarding the management and presence of Cookies related to navigation on this Website.

Last update of this document: 25/05/2018.